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What is Skincare?

“Skincare is the use of cosmetics to care for the skin.”

These are some reasons why good skin care is important:

  • It helps to maintain healthy skin: Because you shed skin cells throughout the day, it’s hard to keep your skin bright and healthy.
  • A good skincare routine may help you avoid acne, treat wrinkles, and keep your skin looking great.

It’s the secret to having glowing and astonishing skin. The solution to acne, wrinkles, and much more. All you need to take into consideration is your daily skincare routine. 

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With glowing skin comes happiness.

How to build a Skin-Care routine?

Having good skin-care products isn’t enough: You should also apply your items in the correct order for them to be effective. Your skincare routine will be determined by your skin type, product components, and formulations.

However, a good rule of thumb is to apply goods in order of texture, from thinnest to thickest, because thin products will not be absorbed by the skin over heavier ones.

Basic routine:

Consider your skin-care routine composed of three basic steps:

1. Cleansing – Cleanse your face.

2. Toning – Facial balancing.

3. Moisturizing – Skin hydration and softening.

Advanced routine:

1. Cleanse your face

Rinse your face with water every morning and night, then rub a tiny amount of gentle cleanser between your clean palms. Gently massage your face wash all over your face. After, rinse your hands and massage your face with water until the cleanser and dirt have been removed.

Using a soft towel, gently pat your face dry. If you use makeup at night, you may need to cleanse twice. Cleanse your face with cleansing oil or micellar water first. After that, use a light cleanser to cleanse your entire face.

2. Apply toner

If you’re going to use toner, do it after you’ve cleansed your face and before you do anything else. Using your palms or a cotton pad, gently wipe a few drops of toner onto your face. If your toner is exfoliating, meaning it eliminates dead skin cells with chemicals like glycolic acid, you should only use it at night.

3. Use a Serum

Antioxidant serums, such as a brightening vitamin C serum, are especially beneficial in the morning. Use a hyaluronic acid-based moisturizing serum at night to prevent your skin from drying out, especially if you’re using anti-aging or acne treatments that might irritate and dry your skin.

4. Apply Eye Cream.

You can use any moisturizer on your under-eye area, but if you want to use a specific eye cream, you should layer it underneath moisturizer because eye creams are often thinner than face moisturizers. 

5. Use Spot Treatment

It makes more sense to use acne spot treatments at night when the body is in repair mode.

6. Moisturize

Moisturizer hydrates the skin while also locking in all of the previous layers you’ve applied. For the morning, look for a light lotion with an SPF of 30 or higher. Simultaneously you can use a heavier night cream in the evening. 

7. Apply Retinoid

Retinoids can diminish dark spots, breakouts, and fine wrinkles, but they can also be irritating, especially for sensitive skin. If you use retinoids, keep in mind that they degrade in the sun, so only use them at night. In that case, they make your skin more sensitive to the sun, requiring the use of sunscreen.

8. Apply Sunscreen

Although it is the final step, practically every dermatologist will tell you that sun protection is the most important aspect of any morning skin-care routine. Skin cancer and indications of aging can be avoided by protecting your skin from UV radiation.

Always keep in mind:

  • It’s important to remember that your day and night skincare needs are different!
  • Don’t mix acne fighting chemicals or an exfoliating toner with retinol! Rather, make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your skin calm and nourished.

If you want to learn more about skincare, I recommend watching Hyram’s videos on YouTube. He was quite helpful to me in terms of my skin and the information I now possess.

woman applying her daily skincare
Woman applying a serum.

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

-Coco Chanel

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