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Red Eyeliner

“No matter what eye color or skin tone you have, red either works in harmony with brown and hazel eyes or contrast with green and blue eyes.”

Neil Young, UK Givenchy makeup ambassador

Everyone loves eyeliner, but why not choose one that compliments your eyes? 

As long as you look confident, you can pull everything off. – Even these gorgeous red eyeliner looks!

Red Eyeliner Looks that make your Eyes Pop

1) Classic Red Eyeliner

Instead of doing a normal black liner, try the same thing but with a red one. Like this, you can spice up your normal makeup routine. It even makes your eyes pop!

2) Graphic Liner

red eyeliner

If a normal eyeliner is too boring for you, try this one. With this graphic eyeliner look you’re even following the latest trend!

Grab your red liner and draw on a wing. Then, draw a line along the crease and connect it to wing. 

*Apply a light red eyeshadow on the rest of your lid. To finish this look, put on fake lashes for more drama


3) Red lashline

A red lower lashline doesn’t always highlight your dark circles. It can look awesome just like on this model.

All you need to do is take a red eyeshadow and draw an eyeliner. To top it off with blending out red liner on your lower lashline. Amazing!

4) Black & Red Combination

Even Valentino runway models wear red eyeliner. When combined with a red dress or a red lip, it looks bomb.

1. Apply a light red eyeshadow all over you lid. 

2. After that, draw on a normal black eyeliner wing. 

3. On the lower lashline, blend out a red eyeliner or eyeshadow and connect it to the eyeliner wing.

5) Baddie Wing

I chose the name “Baddie wing” because it takes a lot of talent to do that. Don’t be scared tho! With enough practice you can also achieve this look. Even so, it may take some time.

1. Start with the red eyeliner wing. 

2. Still with red, follow along your crease and connect it to the wing.

3. Take the black liner and do the same thing, just a bit smaller and more right.

4. Then, get a white liner and draw a line above the black eyeliner.

5. At the end, put on fake lashes and do your inner corners.

6) Silver on Red

You can’t go wrong with this eyeliner look. I recommend combining this with a black dress for a night out. The red and silver would complement your outfit perfectly.

Follow the instructions of the Classic Red Eyeliner tutorial. 

Then, draw a silver eyeliner or a liquid eyeshadow above the red one.


7) Red Evil

Stunning! Who knew brown and red could work so beautifully together?

1. Begin by applying and blending a brown shade all over your eyelid.

2. Now, using your favorite concealer, cut your crease.

3. Draw an eyeliner wing with your concealer.

4. Create a simple cat eyeliner with your red liner.

5. Put on some red glitter on the liner.

*6. Use a black crayon on your waterline. Finish with putting on some lashes.


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