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Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks

When it comes to eye makeup, we love to use bright and vivid colors. Even if you normally wear nude tones or black eyeshadow, it can be fun experimenting with bright colors and getting out of your comfort zone.

Adding a splash of color to your eye makeup could be just the thing to spice up your makeup routine. And one of the simplest ways to get into colorful eye makeup is to wear a rainbow-inspired eyeshadow look. So grab your eyeshadow brushes and keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to make a gorgeous rainbow eyeshadow look.

6 Incredible Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks

1. Rainbow Paradise

rainbow eyeshadow look

This look is great for those who are new to makeup. You can experiment with different colors, while also improving your makeup skills. Try it out!

Start with the outer crease and slowly work your way toward the inner corner. For a flawless finish, always blend in the two neighboring colors. Repeat the process on the lower lashline.

If you want to, you can finish this look with a sharp eyeliner and lashes.

2. Silver Cut Crease

You can’t go wrong with this look. Everyone will be amazed by your skills.

  1. Begin by placing rainbow colors above your crease and slightly blend them together. 
  2. Repeat the same process on the lower lashline. 
  3. Then, make a silver cut crease and add a glittery eyeshadow on top.  
  4. If your feeling like it, line your waterlines with rainbow colors to top it off.
  5. Don’t forget to add those lashes and done!

3. Pastel Rainbow

Who doesn’t love pastel colors? You can pull this look off, just like Katie March did. 

Follow these instructions:

  1. Grab a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply a pink color to the inner corner and upper crease. 
  2. Use another color next to the pink shade and blend it out smoothly. 
  3. Repeat this till you get to the blue shade. 
  4. Apply the green eyeshadow in a wing-like shape. Also, drag it down onto the outer corner of the lower lid.
  5. Make a cat-eye eyeliner.
  6. Starting at the center of your crease bone, draw a thin line that goes to the outer corner of your eye. 
  7. Then, using a white eyeliner, trace along that line to create a double liner appearance.

4. Color Variation

It’s not necessary to do the entire rainbow on only one eye. This look also looks amazing.

Start with blending out red eyeshadow on your outer crease. Work your way to the inner corner. 

Repeat this process on the other eye, but with different colors.

That’s it!

5. Rainbow Heaven

This one just looks like heaven. The clouds and the rainbow colors, a real masterpiece.

  1. Copy the rainbow base from the Rainbow Paradise tutorial. (with your colors of choice)
  2. Apply a pink eyeshadow on the lower lashline.
  3. Draw a pink graphic liner along your crease.
  4. Add glitter eyeshadow on your lid.
  5. *With a brush, draw on small clouds and add lashes.


6. Lovely Rainbow

In all of the other looks, the rainbow goes from right to left. This one’s actually built like an arc.

Start in the middle of your eyelid with a purple color. Then, take a blue color and blend it with the purple one. Repeat this with every color, increasing the length of the arc every time. 

Finish your look with fake lashes. 

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