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Graphic Eyeliner

Live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick, and kill for each other.

-Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga expressed it best with this quote: “Live your eyeliner!”

If you find regular eyeliner too boring, try this one. You’re even keeping up with the latest fashion trends with graphic eyeliner!

There are numerous colors and shapes to choose from while making one. Simply do what you believe is best for you.

5 Graphic Eyeliner Looks

1. Open-Ended Eyeliner

Let’s begin with the most frequent type of graphic liner. Even though it’s a simple look, you can still stand out and rock it.

Make sure to take your time and start with a gentle hand when doing this. 

First, do a standard, sharp eyeliner. Then draw a line above your crease that links to your liner.

Everyone needs a black liquid eyeliner. 

I recommend this one from NYX because it’s great and affordable. 

Especially for this look, I suggest using liquid eyeliner to make it easier.

2. Red Graphic Bomb

Red is a lovely color to complement your eyes. A graphic liner in red; even better!

1. Draw a wing using your red liner. 

2. Then, along the crease, draw a line that connects to the wing.

3. On the remainder of your lid, apply a faint red eyeshadow. 

4. Apply fake lashes to complete the look for more drama.

Check out more red eyeliner looks if you loved this one!

3. Ying and Yang Graphic Eyeliner

This graphic liner is truly a masterpiece. Done with a full face makeup and lipgloss it looks perfect.

1. Start with doing a simple black eyeliner. It should reach all the way to your inner corner.

2. Take a white liner and draw a line right above the black one. 

3. Apply lashes to complete this look.

It’s hard to find a decent white eyeliner. Only little people own one.

If you’re convinced by this look, you should definitely buy this one by NYX. 

4. Lavender Dream

This color is a dream. It looks great on every skin tone. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to achieve this graphic eyeliner.

1. Take a lavender eyeliner. If you don’t own one, you can use a lavender eyeshadow with a small brush. 

2. First, do a simple eyeliner from corner to corner. Then add a small wing to it.

3. Do a line with the liner, following your crease. In the end, draw a wing upwards.

4. To finish this look, apply some orchid eyeshadow on your lower lashline. Highlight the inner corner of your eye and apply some lashes. 

Done! A wonderful look for a night out!

Of course, it works with eyeshadow too, but for best results use a lavender/purple eyeliner.

Like this one from NYX. The best drug store eyeliner in this color!

5. Blue Waves

graphic blue eyeliner

This graphic eyeliner takes some time to master, but it’s completely worth it. You would look so cool wearing this!

1. Follow the steps from the tutorial Lavender Dream. The only thing that changes, is the colors and the upper liner. It should be drawn above the crease.

2. After doing the dark blue liner, take a light blue liner. 

3. Follow the dark blue liner on your crease with the lighter color. 

4. Then, draw a wing starting from your outer corner with the lighter color.

5. Put on some fake lashes and done!

These two liners are the exact same color as the ones in the picture.

The liner is cruelty-free, doesn’t smudge, and stays on all day!

These were just 5 examples. You can do so much more interesting graphic eyeliners. Let your creativity flow!

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