exotic nails

Exotic Nails

“Life is too short to have boring nails.”

Exotic nails could be animal-print nails or just unique nails. However, I’ll show you some animal print nails that are in trend right now. 

This print looks good on every shape and length. Therefore you can adjust every design to your liking.

10 Animal-Print Nail Inspirations

1. Leopard-Pink

These are some beautiful leopard-print nails. The leopard print and the pink nude tone look fantastic together. If you prefer, you can get them shorter and in another shape rather than ballerina.

2. Matte Leopard

leopard print nails

If you aren’t a fan of pink, you can still get leopard printed nails. Black also matches perfectly! 

In this picture, they got an almond shape done.

Make an overall statement with these nails and a black eyeshadow look.

3. White Cow

Let’s move on from the leopard print. How about some cow-print nails? 

There are tons of designs in different colors. But this design is special: french nails with a cow-print. This covers two different trends!

4. Pink-Glitter Cow

exotic cow-print nails

Don’t like the white Cow design? Try this one!

Gorgeous ballerina nails in pink. Cow print and light pink glitter. What a combo!

5. Hidden Gem

Adorable! These golden borders make it look like there’s an animal print hidden under the nail.

It looks best combined with an almond nail shape.

6. French Zebra

Not everyone likes bright colors and prominent designs. That’s why these may be perfect for you. 

They can be both elegant and girly at the same time. Aside from that, they are still in trend!

7. French Cheetah

Another quite simple design. Same as with the French Zebra, you can look either put-together or girly.

These nails are trendy while yet complementing all of your outfits.

8. Giraffe Model

How cute is this? Giraffe prints and giraffes on your nails? Exotic!

For best results, ask for a square shape.

9. Leopard-Zebra Mix

The gold contrasts beautifully with the pink. Also quite interesting to combine these two animal prints.

If you are looking for a unique and fun design, choose this one.

10. Extraordinary Print

The last one is really extraordinary. It has everything; snake, leopard, zebra and tiger print. Oh, and don’t forget the golden rhinestones. Exotic Nails!

You could get this design in every nail shape possible. But, I recommend doing them stiletto for more “drama”. 

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