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Brown Eyeshadow Looks

“I love to accentuate my eyes, so I’ll wear eyeshadow and mascara.”

-Ming Xi

Neutral colors can be bold too! It just depends on how you apply your brown shades.

There are different looks to either look put-together or wear for a fun night out. 

Follow these step-by-step tutorials and create your ideal brown eyeshadow look.

3 Brown Eyeshadow Looks

1. Simple Brown Eyeshadow

brown eyeshadow look

This here is a simple eyeshadow look. You can also leave the eyeliner out for a more basic look.

1. Blend out a light brown shade all over your lid.

2. On your crease, apply a burgundy pink shade and take it down on the outer corner.

3. Put on a chocolate brown eyeshadow on your lid.

*4. Make a black eyeliner.

5. Take a glittery brown eyeshadow and apply it on your lower lashline.

For a more detailed tutorial, click on the picture and watch the video.


This pallet has all shades you require to fulfill the simple brown eyeshadow look.

You can also use it to create other beautiful eyeshadow looks.

2. Aqua Brown

Want something more special? Try this one! The blue on your lower lashline let’s your eyes pop!

1. At first apply the shade “nudies” all over your eyelid.

2. Then go in with “whiskey” and blend it on your lid.

3. For the aqua kick use “bud” and apply it on your lower lashline.

4. To finish this look put on some fake lashes. 

All the shades I mentioned in the tutorial are the ones she used.

They are all included in the Urban Decay Naked Wild West palette.

If you’re into more extraordinary looks, this palette is perfect.

3. Golden Cut Crease

Gold and brown complement each other perfectly. It looks stunning even with brown eyes!

The “Tarte Tartelette In Bloom palette” has everything you need for this look:

Of course you can use your own shades, but for the most accurate results I recommend using this palette. 

Shade names are in cursive!

1. To get this sharp cat-eye look; You need to put a small piece of tape at the outer corner of your eye, towards the end of your brow.

2. Apply a light brown eyeshadow (smarty pants) all over your eyelid.

3. Take a darker brown eyeshadow (smokeshow) and apply it on your outer corner.

4. Blend out the darker shadow (smokeshow) with a lighter tone (activist) .

5. Cut your crease with concealer and put on a gold (*firecracker or funny girl) eyeshadow. (For a more pigmented gold, use your finger for application.)

6. Take away the tape.

7. On your lower lashline blend out a darker shadow. (the one you used in 4)

8. Put black liner on your waterline to take this look to another level. For this one you can use either smokeshow from the palette or a black liner that you own.

9. Also put on some fake lashes if you want to, or only use mascara.

If none of these looks appeal to you, feel free to check out some more extraordinary ones or some black eyeshadow looks.

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